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I know how it can feel to be overwhelmed by complex advice and reading lists, so on this website I've made sure you can find out about lots of fantastic books for you and your family. You will also find down-to-earth and fun ideas so you can leave any reading stress behind. 

Angela-S Reading InspirationI'm Angela, a mum who used to worry about reading. I am now lucky enough to enjoy endless bookish fun with my child.

Equipped with a background in education and a love of bookish magic, I can't wait to share reading inspiration to support your children's reading.

From reading with young children to YA book recommendations and the best fiction books for grown-ups - I can help you find the best books to read for the whole family.

Explore Reading Inspiration to find awesome books and useful tips so you can relax and enjoy reading with your kids

I'm looking for awesome books for kids
From action-packed teenage spy stories to coming of age drama, via pirate picture books and historical fiction for older children – we have lots of book reviews and recommendations for you to check out! Explore all things bookish for kids in our childrens' books section.
I'm looking for reading tips & advice

At times children can lack confidence or interest in reading, leaving parents and carers scratching our heads. At Reading Inspiration, we've got lots of ideas to help build children's reading confidence and we've got tips to help you find the perfect books for even the most reluctant readers. If you are concerned about dyslexia or your child's vision, we have support and advice. Whatever your worry, to see the light at the end of the tunnel, explore our reading tips & advice.

I'm looking for epic grown-up reads

Reading ourselves is one of the best ways to encourage children to read. From dystopian fiction and classics - to light summer reading, make time for your own reading and relax with a great book! Explore our reviews and book chat for the grown-ups here. And check out our bookish gift guides from Funko figures for book fans to great books and gifts for Marvel fans.

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