Review Policy & contact details

Contact information for publishers

If you are a publisher or author and wish to contact me about having me review a book please read my Review Policy below and then email me at

Or if you have any other questions about Reading Inspiration email me at the same address.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently unlikely to accept independently published books for review due to a high workload. 

Review policy


  • I read and review children’s books, particularly fiction. This blog covers picture books, young fiction, middle-grade fiction, children and teen graphic novels and young adult fiction.
  • Children’s books which challenge stereotypes and contain inclusive messages are especially of interest.
  • I also read and review books for grown-ups. The genres I am most interested in are sci-fi, speculative fiction, fantasy, drama, historical fiction, classics and graphic novels.
  • I do not review books which include a lot of adult material, e.g. detailed sex scenes.

Preferred formats

  • I prefer to accept printed copies of books. If you need to send an e-copy, I can accept a PDF file. However, I am not able to review books which are only available as e-books.

General information

  • I will endeavour to read and review books in a timely fashion. If you have a particular timescale in mind please let me know. However, I cannot guarantee to publish book reviews by particular dates.
  • I cannot guarantee to review every book sent to me. This may be due to time constraints or if the content of the book is not suitable for my blog (see above for the kind of books I cover).
  • I write honest book reviews and may include constructive criticism of the book.
  • The aim of this website is to provide a resource for parents and children to find great books. Therefore I am unlikely to review a book which I would write a mostly negative review of and would not feel I could recommend.
  • If you would like me to post an author interview or guest post with the review, please let me know.
  • I may also post my reviews on Goodreads.
  • I do not review books on Amazon.
  • Please note that due to time constraints I may not respond to requests that do not meet the guidelines outlined. Thank you.

Age guidelines

  • To help readers and parents I may add age-appropriate guidelines. These are usually flexible guidelines as all children develop their reading skills and abilities at different rates. However, parents and others looking for books for children often find these guidelines helpful. I will usually follow a publishers guidelines on age recommendation. Where the information is not available from the publisher I use my best judgment, independent research, and other sources.

Content notes

  • To support children, parents and other readers in deciding if they are comfortable reading a book’s content I may occasionally add “content notes” to reviews. These may detail sexual material, swearing, disturbing violence etc. in a particular book.


  • I am not compensated for writing reviews.  When an author or publisher has sent a book to me I identify this under the “Source” category at the top of the book review. If a source is not listed I have purchased or borrowed the book myself.


  • This website contains compensated links. Please see my disclaimer for further information.