Review Policy

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a high workload I am NOT currently able to review books on request or to respond to review requests.

This page will be updated as and when I am able to accept review requests again. Thank you for your interest.

How I review books

Age guidelines

  • To help readers and parents I may add age-appropriate guidelines. These are usually flexible guidelines as all children develop their reading skills and abilities at different rates. However, parents and others looking for books for children often find these guidelines helpful. I will usually follow a publishers guidelines on age recommendation. Where the information is not available from the publisher I use my best judgment, independent research, and other sources.

Note on book or product sources

  • I am not compensated for writing reviews.  When an author, publisher or store has sent a book or other item to me for review, I identify this under the “Source” category at the top of each review. If a source is not listed, and if I have read or used the item myself, this means I have either purchased the items myself, or in the case of books, I may have purchased them or borrowed them from a library.

Note on compensated links

  • This website contains compensated links. Please see my disclaimer for further information.