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Books and reading for the grown-ups

Make time for yourself to read!

As parents, we are often running round busily trying to get everything done. Our main focus on reading may be on how well our child is doing with reading.

But make sure to make time for your own reading and relax with a great book! This is good for you and also for your children, whose reading will thrive in an environment where adults read too! From graphic novels to classics, it’s all good! Scroll down to explore our reviews and book chat for the grown-ups here.

Highlights in books for the grown-ups

Check out these lists and reviews if you love thought-provoking fiction, classics or light summer reading.


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And if you or your older children and teens are fans of graphic novels, check out our guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics and graphic novels here and our guide to Star Wars graphic novels here.

We’ve also got reviews of great books like The History of Bees and The Bone Clocks.

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