The ultimate guide to Minecraft gifts and books

Are you looking for great Minecraft gifts for a fan of the game? Check out our gift guide below for loads of ideas to bring crafting joy to fans of all ages!

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About Minecraft

The Minecraft video game came out in 2009 and since then has become immensely popular with children, teens and adult gamers. My son and I have both enjoyed playing the game and creating amazing builds.

The game involves finding – often by mining for – blocks of different materials and using them to build or craft items including armour, weapons, tools, buildings and food.

Minecraft allows for creative group play including challenges and games. It is very appealing to children and has been praised for allowing children to think creatively about structures and environments. The game has a huge fandom and has inspired toys, books and even a spin-off Minecraft Story Mode computer game.

What to buy for Minecraft fans

Our gift guide contains Minecraft gifts for kids, including awesome Minecraft toys. There’s plenty of Minecraft stuff for older fans too, including Minecraft merchandise like clothes and mugs.

Whatever age fan you are shopping for you are bound to find something suitable.

Minecraft gift options include:

  • Papercraft
  • Lego sets
  • plush toys
  • action figures and mini-figures
  • clothes, including jumpers and sleepwear
  • towels
  • mugs
  • accessories including hats, bags and socks
  • and books.

Our top choices of Minecraft gifts

If you are in a hurry, here are two of our top choice gifts:

One of the best toy gifts for kids who love Minecraft has to be the amazing Lego Minecraft Crafting Box 2.0. This 8+ set has 5 sets of bricks with a total of 717 pieces.

It brings the versatility of crafting in Minecraft to Lego bricks. Each of the 5 sets can be built into three different Lego models meaning many variations and configurations can be created.

Our favourite accessory gift for older Minecraft fans is this cool official Minecraft Llama mug, because gamers need to have a tea break too!

Read on for lots more ideas and options, including hats, socks, jumpers, card games, books, collectable mini-figures, and lots more cool toys!

An overview of our ultimate guide to gifts for Minecraft fans

And here’s a quick look at all the specific items featured in this gift guide. For full descriptions and details about each gift scroll down below the table.

Minecraft giftsType of Minecraft gift and age suitability Prices and availability

Age range: 6+

Find out more about Minecraft Papercraft sets here

Toy Swords

Age range: 6+

Check out Minecraft Sword Toys here

Lego - Skull Arena

Age range: 7-14

Find out more about The Skull Arena Lego set here

Lego - The Crafting Box

Age range: 8+

Order the amazing Crafting Box set here

Lego - Nether Portal

Age range: 8+

Get The Nether Portal Lego set here

Lego - Pirate Adventure

Age range: 8+

Order The Minecraft Pirate Adventure Lego set here

Minecraft Plushes - Baby Pig

Age range: 3+

Order your Baby Pig Plush here

Minecraft teddy -

Age range: 3+

Tame your Wolf Plush here

Plushes - Bat

Age range: 3+

Check out Bat plushes here

Plushes - Creeper

Age range: 8+

Check out the Creeper plush here

Figures - Mini figures series 4

Age range: 3+

Check the availability of this series 4 mini figure set here

Mini figures - Farmer Steve set

Age range: 3+

Check out this mini figure set featuring farmer Steve here

Mini figures Collector Case

Age range: 3+

Find the collector display case here

Action figures - Steve in gold armour

Age range: 6+

Check prices of this Steve in gold armour action figure here

Action figures - Charged Creeper

Age range: 6+

Check out the Charged Creeper action figure set here

Action figures - Enderman

Age range: 6+

Find out more about the Enderman action figure set here

Action figures - DanTDM with Grim set

Age range: 8+

Check out the DanTDM and Grim action figure set here

Budget toys and games - Top Trumps

Age range: 6+

Check out The Top Trumps card set here

Budget toys and games - Alex action figure

Age range: 6+

Get the great value Alex action figure set here

Budget toys and games - Lego Steve BigFig

Age range: 7+

Order the great value Lego Steve BigFig set here

Clothes and accessoriesClothes -
Minecraft Stampy Onesie

Children's sizes from ages 7-12 available

Check out the availability of Stampy Onesies here

Clothes -
Minecraft hoodie

Children's sizes from ages 7-15 available

Look for more Minecraft hoodies for kids here

Clothes - Dressing Gown

Children's sizes from ages 5-13 available

Check out Minecraft dressing gowns for children here

Clothes - Eat Sleep Mine Hoodie

Children's sizes from ages 3-13 available

Teen and adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL available

Check out size and colour options for Eat, Sleep, Mine hoodies here

Accessories - Minecraft Socks

Available in children's shoe sizes

Click here to check the availability of Minecraft socks

Accessories - Minecraft Backpack

Check out Minecraft backpacks here

Accessories - Minecraft Hat

Available in S/M and M/L sizes

Find a Minecraft beanie hat here

Cool stuff - Minecraft Defeat Towel

Explore a range of cool Minecraft towels here

Cool stuff - Llama Conga Mug

Check out the official Minecraft Llama Conga mug here

BooksBooks - Minecraft Blocktopia

Age range: 9+

Check out the availability of Minecraft Blockopedia here

Books - The Survival Collection

Age range: 6+

Order The Survival Collection here

Books - The Island by Max Brooks

Age range: 10+

Get a copy of The Island here

Books - Quest for Justice. Book 1, The Elementia Chronicles by Sean Fay Wolfe

(An Unofficial Minecraft-Fan Adventure)

Age range: 8+

Check out Book One of The Elementia Chronicles here

Minecraft toys – great for young fans and collectors

One aspect that makes Minecraft toys for kids appealing is that although the toys are based on a computer game children can enjoy the toys and imaginative Minecraft play completely off-screen.

You will find many Minecraft toys for sale, which can be confusing – check out our guide for some of the best. And if you are looking for Minecraft Christmas toys we have lots of great suggestions from main presents to stocking fillers!

A lot of the toys listed are suitable for younger children. For example, my son enjoyed playing with Minecraft Papercraft toys before he had started playing the game itself.

Minecraft Papercraft – great for hands-on creative fun

Paper Minecraft sets are great fun. The individual blocks that make up the Minecraft world can be constructed out of the colourful paper pieces provided.

There is a wide variety of sets. Papercraft can also be great for use at Minecraft themed children’s parties as decorations and as party bag gifts. The sets are suitable for children age 6+.

Check out this 90+ piece set here.

Minecraft sword toy – great for active play

This foam diamond sword from ThinkGeek is a great accessory for any budding miner and adventurer! Iron swords and pickaxes are also available.

These are great for kids to let off steam by having play battles with friends and family. They are suitable for children over six years old.

Check out the availability of the foam sword here

Minecraft Lego sets – great for fans who love to build and play

Children who love to build in Minecraft often love to build Lego sets too! My son is a huge fan of both Lego and Minecraft, so it was great to find Lego Minecraft toys were available.

At first, there was only a limited number of Minecraft sets available from Lego. But in recent years the range has grown to include many of the environments familiar to players, from Lego Minecraft villages to caves, jungles and snow biomes.

Sets include options like the Skull Arena. Once the set is built children can play Lego Minecraft games based on the video game, and battle for the prize of a golden apple! The age recommendation for this set is for 7-14-year-olds.

Check out the Skull Arena Lego set here

The Lego Minecraft Crafting Box is an amazing option for kids who love to build with bricks. It features as one of our Top choice gifts (see above), due to its amazing versatility.

Children can create many variations of Minecraft scenes including different biomes, a mine, a farm and a house. The set also includes mini-figures of Steve, a Creeper, a Slime, a cow and a horse.

Order the amazing Crafting Box set here

Many of the Minecraft toys Lego has produced include moveable sections, for example, the Ghast in the Nether Portal set below has a disc firing mechanism and a rail track system.

The set shows the normal Minecraft overground environment, the portal which players can pass through into a different realm – the Nether, and the strange, distorted Nether itself.

These Minecraft lego toys also feature great Minecraft Lego figures of characters from the game, which fans of Lego and the game will want to collect.

The Nether set includes Steve, and several of the monsters a player will encounter if entering the Nether in the game – a Blaze, a Baby Zombie Pigman, a Ghast and a Magma Cube. The Lego Nether Portal set is great for fans aged 8+.

Get the Nether Portal kit here

New Lego Minecraft sets for 2019 include the Wool Farm set and this epic Pirate Ship Adventure set. The pirate set comes complete with an Alex Minifigure and a Minecraft Dolphin, which has been an adorable recent update to the game. The Lego Minecraft Pirate Ship set is suitable for age 8+.

Check prices and the availability of the Lego Minecraft Pirate set here

Minecraft teddy or plush toys – cuddly fun for all!

Minecraft plush toys bring each of the game’s unique characters to life, from cute animals to scary monsters. Even the monsters become cute and fluffy when recreated as adorable Minecraft cuddly toys!

*Note on age guidelines: These plush toys are all given a 3+ age guideline by manufacturers for safety purposes. The cute animal characters are suitable for 3 years and other young children.

However, the monster characters such as Creepers and Endermen may be scary to very young children. They would be more appropriate for slightly older children who know the game. They make a great gift for Minecraft fans of 8 years and older.

The distinctive block shape of Minecraft animals is maintained in the range of Minecraft soft toys available. Pigs can be seen frequently in the game, they can be farmed and are a source of food – despite being so cute!

However, this baby pig plush is too cute to have for dinner! Fans of the game will love to cuddle up to this plushie.

Click here to find out more about the Minecraft Pig Plush

Wolves often appear in the game and are not dangerous unless attacked. If the player has managed to find a bone they can offer a bone to the wolf and it will be tamed and become your dog companion and friend! This Minecraft Wolf Plush looks quite friendly…

Tame your own Wolf Plushie here

When a player explores mines and caves bats will often swoop down and fly all around the player’s head and the cave. Although they don’t do any harm at all, they can be a little bit shocking. However, this Minecraft bat plush is just alarmingly cute!

Hang out with this Bat Plush – click here to find out more

I find creepers one of the most alarming monsters or “mobs” in Minecraft. They have a tendency to creep up close behind you.

You may hear a hissing sound before you see them. Suddenly you will be rocked by an explosion as they explode and devastate you and your surroundings!

These destructive creatures should be given a wide berth in the game – but it should be safe to cuddle this adorable Minecraft Creeper teddy.

Get your Minecraft stuffed Creeper here

There is a huge range of plushes to choose from. Many types of Minecraft animals, monsters and characters can be found in plushie form.

There’s a Minecraft Mooshroom Plush, a Minecraft stuffed Steve, an Alex Plush, Minecraft Plush Spiders and many more. There are also Minecraft Plush sets, which can be great value.

Minecraft figures – great for play, display and collecting

If you know a Minecraft fan who loves to build collections, a figure from one of the series of tiny but detailed Minecraft figures from Mattel could make a great gift.

There are many different figures to collect, and each is unique. They can be bought in blind boxes for a surprise, and specific sets of figures are also available.

The mini-figures are really very small and are not suitable for children under 3 years old.

While Minecraft Mini Figures Series 1 figures are quite rare, many more sets are available and are easy to find. To date over 10 series of figures have been released. 

The mini-figure set pictured below includes Alex in enchanted armour, a skeleton with pumpkin armour and a zombie at a door (a familiar and scary sight for anyone who has played Minecraft in survival mode!)

Check out this Minecraft Figures Series 4 set here.

This set includes farming Steve, a spawning spider and a group of slime cubes.

Check prices and the availability of this set here, and check out a wider range of Mini Figures here.

Due to the small size of the figures, they can be easily lost. An avid collector of the figures will love to receive a special display case to keep the figures safe and show off their collection at its best.

Cases by Mattel come in different styles to suit different biomes and themed series of figures. The Minecraft Mini-figure Collector Case pictured below is desert themed. Other Minecraft cases are also available.

Find out more about the Desert theme display case here.

Larger Minecraft figure toys are also available. These poseable Minecraft characters toys are great for creative play as well as display.

The Minecraft action figures feature the characters and monsters in different armours and many sets have extra accessories.

With small parts these action figure sets are not suitable for children under 3, they are most appropriate for age 6+.

Just as it is fun to mine different substances to craft and collect armour sets in the game, it is fun to collect toy sets with different armour! This Minecraft Steve toy shows the character in full Gold armour.

Check the availability of Steve in gold armour here

This Minecraft Creeper toy figure features a charged effect – lookout it’s ready to blow! It also includes an obsidian block toy and a creeper spawn egg. It’s great for play and displays to recreate scenes of the creeper stalking other characters like Alex and Steve!

Get the Creeper figure set here

A sinister figure can often be seen moving blocks around the landscape in Minecraft. The Enderman’s long arms and legs make its appearance a little unsettling. Its ability to teleport and reappear in random places can also be disturbing!

However, the Enderman won’t attack a player unless you look at its eyes. If you do catch an Enderman’s eye then it will become hostile, shriek and quickly attack you! Fans can recreate gaming scenes in real life play with this Minecraft Enderman figure.

Find out more about the Enderman action figure here

Many fans of the game enjoy making YouTube videos of their Minecraft gameplay and watching well-known YouTubers like DanTDM play the game.

DanTDM has created entertaining and unique storylines in his adventures in the game. He has developed his own characters including Dr. Trayaurus and Dan’s canine companion Grim.

Minecraft DanTDM toys by Tube Heroes are available and include this action figure set of Dan and Grim. This set is aimed at children of age 8+.

Shop for the DanTDM and Grim set here

Bargain Minecraft toys and games for under £10 (or $12)

We all love a bargain! These cheap Minecraft toys and accessories all come in at under £10.

Top Trumps is a classic card game – it’s fun to compare the statistics of favourite characters against each other. This unofficial Minecraft Top Trumps game would make a great stocking filler for a Minecraft fan.

This Top Trumps card set is suitable for age 6+.

Shop for the Top Trumps card set here

Many of the Minecraft action figures are great value. Check out this Alex figure which is currently available at a reasonable stocking filler price. It is suitable for children age 6+.

Check out this great value Alex in golden armour set here

Fans of Minecraft and Lego do not have to break the bank to enjoy building Minecraft characters with Lego bricks. This great value set has 159 pieces and features a Minecraft parrot and a BigFig Steve with a moveable axe. It is suitable for fans aged 7+.

Order the great value Lego Steve BigFig set here

Minecraft accessories and clothes

Minecraft clothes – great for both kids and older fans

Apart from toys and games, there are lots of other options for gifts for Minecraft fans including clothes and other accessories.

Check out this onesie based on YouTuber Stampy Cat’s Minecraft look. My son first came across Minecraft while watching videos by Stampy.

He’s one of the most child-friendly YouTubers around and kids love watching the funny and entertaining videos he makes with friends.

Stampy’s distinctive gamer skin looks like an orange cat. Kids who love Stampy’s take on Minecraft will love this cosy Stampy style Minecraft onesie. The onesie comes in a range of sizes for children aged 7-12.

Shop for the Stampy onesie here

Onesies aren’t for everyone. If you are shopping for a child or adult who loves Minecraft and prefers to sleep in pyjamas, there are plenty of Minecraft PJs to sleep and dream Minecraft in!

Fans of the game will love to wear clothing celebrating the game. These quality Minecraft jumpers are just the thing for boys and girls who love the game. The Creeper Inside hoodies come in sizes to fit 7-15-year-olds.

Order this Minecraft hoodie here

or check out more Minecraft jumpers and hoodies for kids here.

If you are looking for cool Minecraft Christmas gifts for a fan of the game, a Minecraft dressing gown is a great way to keep gamers cosy and warm through the winter!

This Minecraft inspired dressing gown features Minecraft zombies, skeletons and creepers. It is available in 5-13-year-old sizes for kids who love Minecraft.

Look for this dressing gown here

If you are looking for Minecraft themed clothes for older gamers, this Eat, Sleep, Mine hoodie is a great choice. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

The design celebrates some of the fundamental tasks involved in playing Minecraft – as eating and sleeping are essential for player survival!

For children, the sizes range from 3 years old to 13 years old. Small, medium, large, Xlarge and XXlarge sizes are available for teens and adults.

Check out size and colour availability of this cool hoodie here

Awesome accessories – great for bringing Minecraft fun into everyday life

These accessories look great and are also useful everyday items that will get a lot of use.

Minecraft socks make a great stocking filler for a fan of the game. These sets are available in children’s shoe sizes.

Click here to check the availability of Minecraft socks

This handy Minecraft backpack will hold everything needed for a school day. It’s sturdy and looks brilliant too.

Shop for the backpack here

A wooly beanie hat is great for keeping everyone warm outdoors in the winter. This Creeper face beanie hat is great for fans of all ages. It’s available in two sizes, S/M and M/L. It’s cosy, warm, bright and colourful.

Check prices and the availability of the Creeper beanie hat here

What do you get for Minecraft fans who already have plenty of clothes and are perhaps too old for toys? (Though let’s face it – no one is too old for Lego, right?!)One solution could be this super cool official Minecraft towel from Mojang. The towel pictures a moment of shocking gaming defeat, with those cute Creepers looking so innocent just before they are sure to destroy the player!

This towel is definitely going on my Minecraft Christmas presents wish list!

Shop for the defeat towel now

or find more cool towel options for fans here

And of course, all Minecraft fans should possess a Minecraft mug. There are many mug designs to choose from. My favourite choice has to be this official Minecraft Llama conga line mug.

Order your Llama conga mug now

Minecraft books – inspired fictions and great guides

Fans of the Minecraft game will love books related to it. The wide availability of Minecraft books for kids means parents may be relieved to see their young fans take a break from the screen and pick up a book!

The many books available are great sources of detailed information about gameplay. The game has also inspired fiction, so there are some great Minecraft books to read. Fans can get caught up in entertaining narratives set in Minecraft worlds.

The official Minecraft Blockopedia is a beautiful gift and great for  Minecraft fans aged 9+. It is a hexagonal shaped book presented in a box. Each page details every type of block which can be found in the game.

As the whole game is made up of different forms of blocks, this really is the fundamental of the game. Different material blocks have different properties and respond differently to the environment and the actions of players and creatures/mobs.

From blocks to build with to blocks to transport the player to the Nether – it’s all covered in this encyclopedic tome.

Check out the availability of Minecraft Blockopedia here

When my son and I started playing the game, we relied on Minecraft handbooks to learn how to play the game.

Books like The Beginner’s Handbook, The Minecraft Redstone Handbook, The Minecraft Construction Handbook and The Minecraft Combat Handbook were invaluable to learn first the fundamentals and then advanced mining and crafting.

The original set of handbooks looked fantastic with classic cover designs.

Mojang’s essential Minecraft guide books have since been updated and expanded as the game has evolved and even more great guides are now available. Books like this are great to dip in and out of and really help reluctant readers to get into books.

The Survival Collection contains guides to Exploration, the Nether and The End, Enchantments and Potions and Farming, and has huge amounts of detailed information to help a player find their way around the game.

The Survival Collection and other Minecraft Guide to… books in the series are suitable for readers aged 6 and older. (They are great to help parents to understand the game too!) If you are looking for Minecraft Christmas ideas, these books make great stocking fillers for fans of the game.

Order The Survival Collection here

There are also some great fiction books inspired by the game. These books take the game structure into exciting and imaginative narratives. Minecraft: The Island was the first of a growing series of fictions that have been officially released.

Author Max Brooks is an established writer who has written for Saturday Night Live and also wrote World War Z. This book is suitable for audiences from 10+.

Get a copy of The Island here

Further official Minecraft fictions have been released including The Crash by Tracey Baptiste, and The Lost Journals by Murr Lafferty.

The End by Catherynne M. Valente is due for release in late 2019.

Unofficial fiction books inspired by Minecraft also abound. My son really enjoyed The Elementia Chronicles by Sean Fay Wolfe, a series of books written by a young author who is a huge fan of the game.

Check out Book One of The Elementia Chronicles here

There are four books in the series which is an epic tale of the quests of a group of noob players who become unlikely heroes. It’s recommended for readers age 8-12.

My son found the first book to be a good read at 8 years old. However, when he moved on to the following books he found them to be quite complicated. He suggests waiting till you are 11 to read the sequels!

I hope you have found lots of great ideas in your quest for gifts for Minecraft fans.

Check out more of our cool book and gift guides here. And if you want to make sure kids who love computer games are also getting plenty of physical activity to stay healthy, check out our guide to activity trackers for children here.

Let me know if I missed a gift you would recommend in the comments below and happy crafting!

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