Concerned about your child’s reading or looking for the best books for your family?


You love books, but your kids don’t seem into reading, the school is concerned your children read too slowly or with not enough comprehension, you wish you had time to read yourself, but you’re too busy keeping bored children occupied…

If any of this sounds familiar, sometimes it’s just exhausting isn’t it? I’ve been there too, and know what it’s like for busy parents. You want your children to be reading well, but there is just no time to wade through overwhelming advice or huge lists of books your children should have read by the age of 4! Don’t panic …

At I provide down-to-earth, simple and straightforward reading advice for families. I have ideas for making sure you can find books that follow your children’s interests. There are plenty of reviews and recommendations of absolutely awesome books both for children and parents for you to explore here.

I want to share with you the books that we love and I think there is a good chance that you will love them too!

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So welcome! Reading Inspiration is here to:

  • help you find great books to meet your children’s needs and interests
  • provide tips and advice to support children’s reading enjoyment – even when they are really struggling…
  • be a resource for when you are looking for your own next read
  • and provide plenty of random and fun book chat over a nice cup of tea…

If you are ready to explore and find you or your child’s next read…


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I’m Angela, a Mum with a background in education and publishing. I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about reading – now I enjoy lots of bookish fun with my son. I can’t wait to share tips and advice on letting go of worry and stress about reading and allowing your kids love for books grow.

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