How many Tom Gates books are there? And other interesting stuff to know about these fun books

Read our review and recommendation of the Tom Gates books by Liz Pichon below. We also provide the answers to the all-important questions of how many Tom Gates books are there and what age are Tom Gates books for? Plus we have a full Tom Gates books list for you.

Tom Gates all books - How many Tom Gates books are there - And other interesting stuff about these fun books including book list of Tom Gates in order

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Our great big guide to the world of Tom Gates 

How many Tom Gates books are there?

  • There are 17 books in the Tom Gates series.
  • There are also 3 additional Tom Gates themed books by Liz Pichon.
  • That’s 20 Tom Gates books in total, as of Autumn 2019!

Below is a full list of all Tom Gates books by Liz Pichon.

Tom Gates new book 2019

The 17 books in the series include the latest Tom Gates book.  Tom Gates Book 17: Spectacular School Trip (Really…) is available now in hardback. Books 1-16 are available in paperback.

Additional books

Keen fans who want to ensure they have the full Tom Gates book collection may also want to know that a 96-page World Book Day special was released in 2013. There was also a Tom Gates annual released in 2014.  

And an additional new Tom Gates book is coming soon – Tom Gates: The Music Book is due for release in October 2019.

Tom Gates book order – full list updated Autumn 2019

Our list below shows the Tom Gates books order as of Autumn 2019. The list contains all Tom Gates books in order; from the first Tom Gates book, The Brilliant World of Tom Gates to the newest Tom Gates book, Spectacular School Trip (Really…).

Our table of Tom Gates books shows the order in which books were published, but note that for a narrative Tom Gates reading order, the “additional titles” are not essential reading.

All the Tom Gates books in orderTitleCoverShop for Tom Gates books
Book 1Tom Gates: The Brilliant World of Tom Gates
by Liz Pichon, 2011
Check out availability and prices of Tom Gates Book 1 here
Book 2Tom Gates: Excellent Excuses (And Other Good Stuff)
by Liz Pichon, 2011
Find out about availability and prices of Tom Gates Book 2 here
Book 3Tom Gates: Everything's Amazing (sort of)
by Liz Pichon, 2012
Get a copy of Book 3 here
Book 4Tom Gates: Genius Ideas (Mostly)
by Liz Pichon, 2012
Order Tom Gates Book 4 here
Additional titles:
Tom Gates World Book Day Special
Tom Gates: Best Book Day Ever! (so far)
by Liz Pichon, 2013
Check out availability and prices here
Book 5Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (at some things)
by Liz Pichon, 2013
Check out availability and prices of Tom Gates Book 5 here
Book 6 Tom Gates: Extra Special Treats (not)
by Liz Pichon, 2014
Find out about availability and prices of Tom Gates Book 6 here
Additional titles:
Tom Gates: The Brilliant World of Tom Gates Annual
by Liz Pichon, 2014

Find out more here

Book 7Tom Gates: A Tiny Bit Lucky
by Liz Pichon, 2015
Order Tom Gates Book 7 here
Book 8Tom Gates: Yes! No (Maybe...)
by Liz Pichon, 2015
Get a copy of Tom Gates Book 8 here
Book 9Tom Gates: Top of the Class (Nearly)
by Liz Pichon, 2016
Check out availability and prices of Tom Gates Book 9 here
Book 10Tom Gates: Super Good Skills (Almost...)
by Liz Pichon, 2017
Order Tom Gates Book 10 here
Book 11Tom Gates: Dog Zombies Rule (for Now)
by Liz Pichon, 2017
Check out availability and prices of Tom Gates Book 11 here
Book 12Tom Gates: Family, Friends and Furry Creatures
by Liz Pichon, 2018
Order a copy of Tom Gates Book 12 here
Book 13Tom Gates: Epic Adventure (Kind Of)
by Liz Pichon, 2018
Check out Tom Gates Book 13 here
Book 14Tom Gates: Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans
by Liz Pichon, 2018
Check out availability and prices of Tom Gates Book 14 here
Book 15Tom Gates: What Monster?
by Liz Pichon, 2018
Find out more about Tom Gates Book 15 here
Book 16Tom Gates: Mega Make and Do (and Stories Too!) by Liz Pichon, 2019Order your copy of Tom Gates Book 16 here
Book 17Tom Gates: Spectacular School Trip (Really...) by Liz Pichon, 2019

Get your copy of the latest Tom Gates book - Tom Gates Book 17 - out now

Additional titles
Tom Gates: The Music Book
Tom Gates: The Music Book
by Liz Pichon, 2019

Order the Music Book here

Tom Gates box set option:
(The first 15 books)
Tom Gates Collection
by Liz Pichon, 2016
Check out availability and prices of the collection here

Review of Tom Gates by guest contributors, Anna and Bee

I am really pleased to introduce guest contributor Anna. She recommends the Tom Gates series of kids’ books that her son “Bee” and previously his older sister have appreciated and enjoyed. Let’s hear from Bee on why he loves the Tom Gates book series:

“They are interesting. I like how he does cheeky things, how he follows his dreams cause he plays in a band.” – Bee, 8.

The world of Tom Gates book series by Liz Pichon came into my kids’ lives a few years ago. We were introduced to the books as being good for children with reading difficulties. My daughter who is now 12 has left them behind.

Tom Gates books age range

At the age of 7, my son was still being given very simple books by his teacher. However, he was able to read the longer Tom Gates books with more confidence.

We have made a gradual transition from sharing the reading to me just helping with occasional words. Each page does not have many words on it and so pages turn at a satisfying rate.

The everyday adventures of Tom Gates

Each book in the series centres on a week or so of Tom’s life where he goes to school and a close shave adventure happens. Tom lives in a traditional nuclear family – he has one older sister, Delia Gates – who is a teenager and they ‘hate’ each other. Tom has a band, plays guitar and likes drawing.

Most of the story revolves around things that happen at school. There are teachers he likes and doesn’t like, and children who he has difficult relationships with as well as his mates. The books are filled with jokes and really dynamic illustrations.  My son will laugh out loud.

Tom grows up in each book and the vocabulary develops. Tom Gates author Liz Pichon has added to the collection since my daughter stopped reading them.

You can read them as stand alone books too!

We have read the first six not always in the ‘right’ order of Tom Gates books and it doesn’t matter. Each book is complete and stand-alone so it’s easy to access, and kids can dip in and out. This is useful when we have picked up books in random order at the library.


As a parent, I like the Tom Gates books because:

  • A Tom Gates costume is a super easy dress up for World Book Day at school (great for us lazier mums!)
  • my son feels like he has caught up with his friends. He can achieve reading a book with over 100 pages
  • watching your child laugh and then share the joke with you is a joy
  • we have been happy to recommend the books to friends.


– Many thanks to Anna for her review and recommendation of the Tom Gates book series.

Check out the availability and prices of Tom Gates books here

A Tom Gates book set is also available, including Books 1-15

And find the Tom Gates latest book here 

More info

Tom Gates age range

These books are great for children aged 7+. 

About the author

Liz Pichon trained as a graphic designer and has illustrated several picture books. She based a lot of the stories in the Tom Gates books on funny things that happened to her at school.

Since her childhood, she has loved drawing and started out by copying her favourite comic book characters. You can find out a lot more about Liz Pichon on her website which also provides updates on new Tom Gates books.

Love Tom Gates? Get the t-shirt!

Liz Pichon has also designed a funky and fun Tom Gates t-shirt that fans will love. Check it out here.

What books make your kids laugh out loud?!

We are always on the lookout for recommendations and love to hear from other children and families. What are your family’s favourite reads and what books made your kids laugh? Please mention your reading recommendations in the comments. And why not contact us directly if you would like to write a full review?

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