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Please note, I receive many emails about guest posts that are not relevant to my blog. Please read this post to find out what kind of guest posts I do accept, and note I do not reply to requests which don’t meet these criteria! Thank you.

Guest blogging for other websites is a great way to grow your blog. It helps to build your own website’s reputation as authoritative and can bring new audiences to your site.

You can look for websites which offer guest posting opportunities and will provide a permanent link to your blog in exchange for creating a quality, well-written post for them.

This post may contain compensated links. Read my disclaimer here

There are lots of websites which accept guest posts. If you are a book blogger you can try to find guest post opportunities including reviewing books on relevant websites.

Or you can write an article on a related topic that you have expertise in.

Looking for the right website to guest blog for

Remember to always ensure you are pitching a guest post that is relevant to the site you want to guest post on.

Be specific about what you write about and consider whether it is a topic the site will want to host before contacting them. Make sure you follow any guidelines the site specifies.

It’s a good idea to get to know the blogger and their site before you approach them. Have a good look around their blog and read their posts.

Follow the blog on their social media channels and make some comments on the website posts and on their social media. That way when you approach them they will already have an idea of who you are and what your own website is about.

Wait to get approval for your suggestion before you send an article.

Reading Inspiration’s guest post opportunity!

Reading Inspiration is here to provide great reads, activities & entertainment for families.

We would like to welcome fellow bloggers to submit ideas for reviews of quality fiction books for either children, young adults or grown-ups.

Guidelines – Important information – Please read!

What we cover at Reading Inspiration

We cover fiction books and other entertainment for children, young adults and grown-ups.

We would like to receive well-written reviews of quality books by bloggers who love to read.

When considering what book to pitch to review for us take a look around our website to check your suggestion is a good fit.

Sci-fi, adventure, magic, superheroes and fantasy books are the most relevant materials for this website.

We also love to get reviews of graphic novels, either for older children, young adults or grown-ups.

We are flexible to consider reviews of other genres of fiction, but anything too far off these subjects will not be considered.

As well as individual book reviews we will also consider pitches for articles featuring a list of 10-15 books e.g. 15 perfect books for kids who love space.

Please check what has already been covered on the website to avoid repetition. See this page for a list of books covered already and also have a look around the site.

Double check the post you are proposing is relevant to this site, falls under what we do cover, and is not material which we definitely do not cover! See below.

What we DON’T cover at Reading Inspiration

We DON’T cover non-fiction.

We also DON’T cover anything you’d find in the same genre as Fifty Shades of Grey etc.

And sorry we DON’T cover self-published/indie books.

Please don’t suggest a book you would rate less than 4 out of 5. We want to recommend awesome books our site visitors will want to read!

What you will get

  • You will be credited by name for your review.
  • You will also get up two permanent do-follow links to your website.

When providing your review please include a byline at the start of the review with your home page in it, e.g. “Angela writes about awesome books at readinginspiration.com

Optionally you can also include a second link to a relevant but non-competing page from your site further down within the review. 

There is no need for you to supply any images.

Other things you need to know about guest posts on this site

Although we review children’s books here, we cannot accept reviews written by children. You must be an adult (over 18) to contribute to the website. However, you are encouraged to tell us what a child you know thought about a book — or how they reacted to it — if it is a book the child has read or had read to them.

Please note there is no financial compensation for your guest post.

Affiliate links will be added to the post. See our disclaimer page for more information on why we use affiliate links.

We will edit your post for readability and Search Engine Optimisation.

Once published we would request that you provide at least two social media shares to the post. And of course, we will share on our social media too!

What to supply if your pitch is approved

writing tools - laptop, pens and post it notes to help you get to work on your guest post

Your book review should be approx. 700-900 words.

For individual book reviews, you will need to include all of the book’s details.


  • the book’s title
  • author,
  • publisher,
  • its genres
  • the approx. age recommendation (for children or YA titles).
  • and your rating of the book e.g. 4 out of 5. 

Break up your main reading into sections, including:

  • About the book
  • What I loved about this book
  • What I didn’t love so much (optional)
  • Who would like this book and
  • About the author of the book.

How to write a book review for Reading Inspiration

When you write about the book firstly tell us what the main themes of the book are. What is it about? Give enough information for anyone reading the book to find out whether this is the kind of book they would like to read, without giving away major plot spoilers.

Tell us about rising points of conflict which are effecting the main characters, make us wonder – where might this story be going?

Give us a sense of the book’s tone and style, is it funny, moving or mysterious? Is it dramatic and all-action or calm and soothing? If this is a book for children how might children react or respond to it?

Write about what you loved about this book, what aspect of it got you hooked on the plot or caring about the characters?

Say what you didn’t like about the book. Is there something which could have made you love it more? This part is optional if you absolutely loved the book do not feel that you need to find a criticism.

Tell us who would love this book, fans of Harry Potter? 8-12-year-olds? Parents who love classics?

And write a little about the author, what do you know about them, are you a fan of their other books? If so tell us about it!

See this example for the expected format we require for your review.


All work must be your own and be original content that you have not published elsewhere. Any plagiarised content will be rejected.

Do not send any written work unless your proposed post has been approved and confirmed.

What to do now

If you are interested and have read the guidelines above please email us with your suggestion at readinginspirationblog@gmail.com using the subject line “Guest post proposal”.

If your proposal has been approved we will email you back to confirm we have accepted it.

After you have sent in your review please be patient while we edit it and publish it. We cannot guarantee a fixed turn around time for guest posts to be published. However, we will endeavour to ensure we get it live as soon as possible in line with our content schedule.

Please note – If your proposal does not fit with our guidelines we won’t respond due to workload pressures.

Unfortunately, we also cannot guarantee we can respond to every request.

We look forward to hearing from you! However, if this is not the right website for you to guest post on, keep looking for other guest blogging opportunities.

You can find out more here about why writing guest posts and other work to build the authority of your blog can really help to grow your blog. And check out more blogging advice here. Good luck and let us know how you got on in the comments.

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