Why you should visit the Rheged Lego Brick Science exhibition

If you are looking for great Lego days out or late summer holidays activities, there’s still time to see the amazing Rheged Lego exhibition. It’s perfect for fans of all ages.

Brick Science: Rheged’s Lego Lab is open till Sunday 1 September 2019. In this post you can find out why we loved the exhibition. You will also find practical information to help you get the most out of your visit.

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There are many Lego events happening across the UK this year. The Rheged Lego display is a good choice if you are looking for Lego attractions that combine fun with learning.

The exhibition – what to expect from this Lego event

The Brick Science Lego show is divided into five zones covering different areas of scientific understanding – The Sound Zone, The Bio Zone, The Forces Zone, The Electricity Zone and the Space Zone.

In each zone there are lots of interactive games and displays which illustrate scientific facts. When we visited it was clear to see a lot of enthusiasm from children as they interacted with games and activities.

The displays and games feature Lego bricks and builds. This really encourages children to connect with the ideas explored in the exhibition. For example the Bio Zone includes Lego builds of creatures to illustrate the different types of animal classes.

Putting together a puzzle in the Bio Zone at Rheged's Lego Lab. One of the Lego events UK 2019

The Bio Zone also feautures a fantastic puzzle which children can take apart and rebuild to put organs in the correct place within a large Lego figure.

The Forces Zone gives visitors the opportunity to build different designs of vehicles with Lego. They can then test out which designs of vehicles move most efficiently. Lego Architecture models illustrate how buildings can be structured to withstand earthquakes.

The Space Zone was a big favourite for us, with displays including historic spaceships recreated in Lego. There is also a Lego representation of the solar system and a recreation of the stunning Pillars of Creation image captured by the Hubble Telescope.

Checking out the solar system display at Rheged's exhibition. One of the Lego events 2019

What age range is the exhibition suitable for?

The interactive displays allow children and adults to play games to help develop understanding of scientific concepts. The physical and creative learning experience embeds information, while the focus is on having a great time.

Children of all ages can learn and enjoy the exhibition, the activities are flexible. Some of the more play focussed activities in the exhibition will appeal to the younger children. However, puzzle activites really appealed to our 11 year old and other older visitors.

Children under 3 are allowed free entry to the exhibition, and while over three year olds will get more out of the exhibition, under 3s will also enjoy the vibrant and colourful displays.

Getting to the Rheged Lego exhibition, Penrith and other practicalities

For families located in or visiting the North West of the UK, the Rheged Centre is easily accessible, making this exhibition a good choice.

If using public transport, you can take the train to Penrith station. Penrith is well connected on the West Coast Mainline.

We were able to visit the exhibition as an easy day trip from South West Scotland. We caught a train to Carlisle and changed on to the West Coast Mainline there.

From Penrith station you can catch the X5 bus to the Rheged Centre in just 6 minutes. There are regular buses, usually hourly, check times in advance here.

The Rheged centre is also easily accessible by car.

Getting tickets

The exhibition is operating a timed ticket system. This works really well, as it means the exhibition never gets overcrowded. It’s best to book tickets in advance on the Rheged website to ensure you do not miss out.

Food, drinks and shops

Rheged has several cafés which are family friendly, and have plenty of options from snacks to main meals. The main café has a good kids menu and a range of main meals including breakfasts with vegan and vegetarian options.

There are several shops in the centre, providing a range of sustainable gifts, art and craft equipment, toys and books. Of course at the moment several of the shops have a great stock of Lego sets to rival any major Lego store or Lego shop!

Entrance to Rheged Centre, the  host of a recent Lego UK exhibition

What else does Rheged have to offer?

When visiting the Lego Lab at Rheged you can also check out what else is going on at Rheged. Even if you have missed the Lego exhibition consider visiting the Rheged centre for its cinema, children’s activities and changing exhibitions in its two gallery spaces.

There is also an adventurous outdoor play area, a soft play area and an activities programme including pottery painting.

We also really appreciate the focus on sustainability throughout the centre, and it’s worth visiting just to enjoy the amazing architecture. The building is nestled into the Lake District’s landscape in a stunning yet unobtrusive way.

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