Excelsior! The ultimate guide to books and gifts for Marvel fans of all ages

Looking for great books or other gifts for Marvel fans? Our guide brings together some of the best Marvel gifts for kids, as well as plenty of cool Marvel gifts for adults too.

Marvel’s ensemble of heroes and villains can appeal across all age ranges, from toddlers to grandparents. Kids love heroes and can enjoy reading children’s versions of the iconic stories for many years before they are old enough to see the heroes on screen.

And don’t forget older fans who have loved some of these characters for decades. From classic comic books and collectible’s to handmade original creations, there’s a lot out there to discover.


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While Marvel is currently very well known for its hit movies, all of the enthusiasm for Marvel’s amazing world of heroes, villains and even Norse mythology originally came from the printed word in the form of comic books.

I often write about how important it is to encourage reading for fun. One of the wonderful aspects of fandom is it can inspire picking up books and other reading materials, and there are still so many books and exciting reads to be found in the Marvel universe.

In this gift guide, I will be starting with Marvel books including graphic novels and activity books. There are books made with children’s reading stages taken into account and there are plenty of books for grown-ups too.

I will also be looking at fun toys, games and collectibles. And I will be showcasing some amazing and unique handmade gifts made by creative people with Marvel fans in mind.

Books and gifts for Marvel fans

Marvel book ideas

cover of Obsessed with Marvel test your knowledge book - image credit - Forbidden Planet


Do you have a friend or family member who knows everything there is to know about Marvel comics? Obsessed with Marvel by Peter Sanderson and Mark Sumerak provides the ultimate chance to test their knowledge in this 2017 bumper Marvel superheroes book with 2,500 trivia questions for the ultimate fan.

Get it from Forbidden Planet here

Marvel civil war book - A Novel Of The Marvel Universe: Civil War - by Stuart Moore


If you are shopping for a fan of the Marvel universe who wants to read deeper into the storylines, this 2012 prose novel could be the perfect gift. In Civil War by Stuart Moore, a tragedy results in a crisis of trust and superheroes are ordered to register their powers. The move places Captain America, Iron Man and other heroes in conflict with each other in this exciting Marvel Civil War book.

Check out availability and prices at Forbidden Planet

Fans who want to find out more about the process involved in transforming Marvel’s heroes and villains from page to screen will love this 2018 book. The Road to Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – The Art of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Vol. 2 by Eleni Roussos is a beautiful artwork book that explores the design and evolution of Marvel characters from comic book to screen.

Check latest prices on Amazon here

If you are looking for a gift for fans of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Guidebook: It’s All Connected by Mike O’Sullivan is a great celebration of the two TV shows. The updated 2018 guidebook joins the dots between the S.S.R and S.H.I.E.L.D, showing how their agents fit into the bigger picture in this wide-ranging Marvel Universe book.

Get it from Amazon here.

Dedicated Marvel fans may be interested to read up on the history of Marvel comics. The Secret History Of Marvel Comics: Jack Kirby and the Moonlighting Artists at Martin Goodman’s Empire by Blake Bell and Dr. Michael J. Vassallo is a Marvel comics history book. It tells of how characters like Captain America were created alongside less wholesome pulp fiction titles in the 1930s.

Get it from Amazon here.

Marvel graphic novel highlights

Fans of the Wakandan hero who want to find out more about T’Challa after watching the stunning Black Panther film will want to read the first book in the 2016 series of Black Panther graphic novels. Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet by bestselling author Ta-Nehisi Coates and illustrator Brian Stelfreeze tackles issues of identity and nationalism and has received high praise.

Get Book 1 from Amazon here.

With excitement growing for the Captain Marvel movie due in 2019, fans who want to brush up on this hero’s story may appreciate a gift of Captain Marvel comic books. For those who want to get up to date quickly, a good starting point would be the recent 2016 comic run.

Check out Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Rise of Alpha Flight written by Agent Carter showrunners Michele Fazekas, Tara Butters and illustrated by Kris Anka on Amazon here.

However, if fans want to start at the beginning with the 1970s Marvel comics featuring Carol Danvers – then known as Ms Marvel – check out her first story arcs at Waterstones here.

Fans who want to get back to the roots of the heroes we are seeing so much of on-screen today and add to their Marvel comic book collection will love to receive this 2018 reprint of Avengers Marvel comics from 1973. Avengers Epic Collection: The Avengers/Defenders War by Steve EnglehartRoy Thomas and Jim Starlin features stories with the Avengers, the Defenders, Loki and other Marvel stars.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Marvel colouring book highlights



For the perfect blend of activity books and graphic novels, the recently released series of Colour Your Own comic books from Marvel are a treat for fans and are suitable for adults and older children. Fans can become the comic book colourist for the artwork featured.

Check out Doctor Strange Colour Your Own on Forbidden Planet here.



And if you are looking for Marvel colouring books for adults who enjoy relaxing pen work but occasionally feel like something edgier, fans of Marvel’s Deadpool will love Colour Your Own: Deadpool: Again. This one is definitely not for the kids!

Get it from Forbidden Planet here.

Marvel books for kids

DK’s Marvel: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know is a resource book of Marvel characters and information for children aged 8 and up. My son has really enjoyed researching Marvel comics history in the book. The short snippets of texts along with lots of exciting illustrations also make this a great option to inspire reluctant readers to pick up books.

Get it from Amazon here.

This Disney Book Group collection of 5-Minute Marvel Stories featuring Marvel characters is great to read out loud to young hero fans and is also good for young readers who are starting to read independently. Each story takes around five minutes to read and has short sentences and bright illustrations. This and other titles in the series make great presents for 3-6-year-olds.

Get it from Amazon here.

This series of Marvel Avengers books by LB Kids is pitched to specific reading levels. It’s really encouraging for children’s reading to let them choose books all about their own interests and favourite characters. Avengers: Age of Ultron – Hulk to the Rescue from this range of Marvel storybooks is perfect to read aloud to young children who are fans of the big green guy known as Hulk.

Find out more at Amazon here.



For older kids who love Groot and other Guardians of the Galaxy characters, Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy Art Studio is an opportunity to get creative and learn how to draw the Guardians themselves! The 2018 set includes detailed instructions plus the tools for the job, including paints, brushes, palette, pencils and a fine marker pen. The kit is suitable for children aged 8 and above.

Get it from Forbidden Planet here.

Ultimate Marvel by DK is the ultimate of Marvel character books for kids to use as a reference source to find out about any hero, villain, technology or location of the Marvel universe.

It is suitable for age 10 and above.

Get it from Amazon here

Bookish Marvel accessories


TheVortexVault on Etsy

What could be a better gift for fans of Marvel and of reading than this exquisite bookmark inspired by Thor’s Hammer?

Check out availability and other gorgeously geeky bookmarks from TheVortexVault’s shop on Etsy here.


CraftedWithZeal on Etsy

Or how about this intricate hand-cut Avengers inspired bookmark?

You can order it and other amazing hand-cut gifts from CraftedwithZeal’s shop on Etsy here.



This is the perfect notebook for Black Panther fans of all ages to take note of their ideas and plans.

Get it from Forbidden Planet here.


MokuShop on Etsy

Does anyone you know really need Marvel bookends to complete their bookshelves? Sure they do! Groot fans will love these ones.

You can get them from MokuShop’s Etsy shop here.

Marvel clothes

What do fans do when we settle down and have kids? Well, of course, we dress up our kids in the coolest fandom gear…


LucysDesigns on Etsy

When I was a child I preferred scruffy jeans and The Incredible Hulk t-shirts to party dresses. If only dresses like this had been available, things could have been very different!

Get this amazing Avengers comic children’s dress, available in sizes from new-born to 3-4 years from LucysDesigns on Etsy here.


TinyThreadsCreations on Etsy

Don’t get me started on how adorable this Captain America inspired Baby Grow is.

You can order it from TinyThreadsCreations on Etsy here.


BabyDapper on Etsy

This onesie inspired by 90s style Wolverine is just amazing.

You can order it from BabyDapper on Etsy here.



And here’s something for the grown-ups. Whether you are looking for Marvel gifts for him or her; if you want to look beyond the slightly predictable gift of a hero t-shirt, the Marvel fan in your life may well appreciate the god of mischief on their clothing!

You can find this Loki t-shirt and lots of other cool clothing, including t-shirts and hoodies in Forbidden Planet.

Check out availability here.

Marvel games and toys



Looking for Marvel children’s action figure toys? There is a great range, including this Black Widow figure from Forbidden Planet.



Marvel Pop Vinyl figures make a great gift for fans of figures and Marvel. Personally, I think this Thanos Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead is looking so cute and not at all threatening, even with all those Infinity stones. Wait, what, how did he get those?  No spoilers! Find more amazing Funko Pop figures and the perfect books to accompany them in my guide to cool bookish Funko figures here.

Order Thanos and check out more Marvel Pop figures from Forbidden Planet here.



Marvel Lego sets are great presents for older children. The box suggests this one is for ages 8-14, but I know lots of people over 14 who enjoy building and playing with Lego sets too! This Avengers: Infinity War set brings together Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord and Gamora in a team up with Iron Man to battle Thanos and even includes the Infinity Gauntlet.

Check this and other Lego Marvel sets out on Forbidden Planet here.

We’ve often found playing Top Trumps card games a great way to pass the time on train journeys, it’s a fun game for children and adults to play together.

Check out the Marvel Universe Top Trumps or the retro Marvel Top Trumps sets on Amazon.

Monopoly with a twist. Unlike the traditional game, this Marvel version doesn’t take long to play making it more fun for younger players.

Check out prices and availability on Amazon here.

Homely gift ideas for Marvel fans


Holycowprints on Etsy

Marvel gifts for adults need not be limited to t-shirts or mugs. This gorgeous and cosy Iron Man inspired cushion is a really original option.

Get it from Holycowprints on Etsy here.


TommySprayArt on Etsy

Or how about this original and classy print to decorate the walls of a Jessica Jones fan’s home?

Get it from TommySprayArt on Etsy here.

Personalised Marvel gifts


TheBlankRecordStore on Etsy

This Spiderman USB stick with a real cassette tape is a fantastic unique gift, especially great for those of us who fondly remember the days of making a mixtape for a loved one. Each tape can be personalised with a choice of designs and messages. It could make a perfect gift for a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone you want to share personal songs, messages or images with!

Get it from TheBlankRecordStore on Etsy here.


AuntieNickNocks on Etsy

These cool name blocks which are available with Spiderman, Captain America and other characters are handmade and cut from MDF.

Choose and order name blocks from AuntieNickNocks on Etsy here.

Collectable gifts for Marvel comic fans

Serious Marvel fans may be interested in gathering Marvel collection books which compile comic runs. Those available include the Marvel Firsts series and runs by specific authors like John Byrne. Marvel Pocket Books are also a unique part of the Marvel contribution to comic book history. Check out some for fans to consider collecting here.

Marvel Comics: 75 Years Of Cover Art from DK would make a great gift for fans who are interested in researching their favourite Marvel comic book covers when deciding on their collection priorities.

Check it out on Amazon here.



Collectable statues and prop replicas are also a great gift for the fan who can’t get enough of their favourite Marvel comic book characters. This 22.5-inch polyresin Groot statue is on sale at the moment and available from Forbidden Planet.

Check out the latest prices here.



This Black Panther Helmet replica has intricate details and flip-up and down lenses.

Check it out on Forbidden Planet here.



Funko Pop Marvel figures are also highly collectable. Here’s Nakia from Black Panther – a fine addition to any fans collection.

Check out this and more figures at Forbidden Planet here.

I hope this guide has provided you with lots of fun gift ideas. Who are your favourite Marvel characters? Let us know in the comments below.

And if you are are a fan of graphic novels and comics you might also enjoy our guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel comics here.

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